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Independent studies confirm that between 60-80% of mergers and acquisitions don’t meet their intended objectives. Surprisingly, this may have nothing to do with overestimated cash-flow projections or a bad acquisition premium. In fact, 79% of over 150 top executives surveyed sited “difficulty aligning corporate cultures, operating philosophies and management practices” as a roadblock to achieving full deal value1. This is in large part due to poor front-end planning, insufficient and slow communication and failure to understand organizational dynamics. If you’re relying solely on a financial intermediary for guidance, you might be missing a big piece of the M&A puzzle. Let our experience work for you.

"If you’re relying solely on a financial intermediary for guidance, you might be missing a big piece of the M&A puzzle."

Strategic Fit: We work alongside your financial advisors to analyze the market/industry position and “people issues” (culture, management & leadership, personnel skill-sets, systems & processes) that are at the root of a firm’s value. Ensuring strategic fit along these dimensions helps you understand what assets you have to meet the goals of the consolidation.

Right Price: Understanding these elements allows us to estimate the likelihood of achieving crucial synergies required to meet target financial goals, and the timeframe to do so. This data helps your bankers generate more precise projections and discount factors so that you can price and analyze deals accurately.

Right Terms: We help bankers take into consideration specific risks involved with the people and market elements of a deal, to tailor deal terms that include the right management incentives and hurdles.

New Strategy Creation: Mergers and acquisitions are most successful when a brand new strategy is created and then rolled out relatively quickly. We help assess both the objectives of the consolidation and the distinct attributes of the two companies to develop immediate strategic direction.

Organization and Operational Integration: Don’t assume if you build it they will come. We analyze your organizations’ dynamics as well as structures to figure out the best way to bring people and operations together. The key to success at this crucial juncture is pretty simple: experience. And we’ve got it. We put together the right teams, with the right game-plans and the right staging to ensure successful integration.

Measuring Deal Performance: For a variety of reasons, it’s important to know how you are performing against your initial deal projections. We help you set up the structure and tools you need to continuously monitor progress and identify where adjustments might be needed.

Our goal is to help you establish a new high watermark.

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