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When it comes to strategy, it’s hard for leaders to know where to begin. As of January 2010, Amazon listed over 100,000 books about strategy—to say nothing of the countless articles and blogs available on the topic. Can so much material possibly be distilled?

At Watermark Strategies Group, we recognize some simple truths about strategy:

  1. The purpose of strategy is to figure out how to win. For this reason, it is different from other types of planning. Figuring out how to win requires deep understanding of the environment and future trends, and likely involves innovation.
  2. Real strategy is custom-built. There is no document template, or absolute framework in existence that works for every organization’s needs. We have an arsenal of these tools available to refer to, as they are certainly valuable. However, we tailor our clients’ strategies to their specific situations.
  3. Strategy is fluid. The most successful strategies are the ones that present a clear and concise vision for the future, and then allow for adaptability in the steps to achieving that vision.
  4. Strategy is meaningless without execution. The result of developing a strategy is typically a strategy document. But it does not end there. The process of thinking about the strategy is important, but the execution is actually the substance.

From creation through execution we advise you every step of the way. Our experts know how to set up the right type of strategy and help you embed in your organization the habits and mindset required to deliver it.

Below are examples highlighting the variety of activities we conduct to ensure your strategy is successful.

Strategy Creation

Strategy Execution

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